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It is largely due to the passion we have for remodelling homes and bespoke tile installation that sees Custom Tile Works in Newburgh still leading this service industry for over 24 years. The success of our business as a reputable tile contractor in Newburgh, NY is as a result of our strong commitment to providing our customers with a faultless services that goes beyond meeting their expectations.
We are driven and inspired by the love you have for your home, and every attempt you make at improving it. A kitchen is not just a kitchen, so kitchen remodeling is more than just removing old flooring and laying out new custom tiles. Your kitchen is a shared space that brings your loved ones together, where you bond at meal times, or have a laugh with a good friend over a cup of coffee. The workmanship of Custom Tile Works in Newburgh reflects this vibrant energy.
Another core area of our professional expertise is in basement remodeling which is a super fantastic way to utilize all available space in a home. Basements can offer a diverse range of uses from being spare living quarters for out-of-town relatives or friends to being a hangout area for your teenage children, or a customized entertainment area. Remodeling your basement will give you that extra livable space that you will always have a use for. Make use of our experience and expertise in basement refinishing and remodeling.
Some people regard home improvement projects as a DIY job, While there are a few tasks that you certainly can do, major ones such as tile installation and kitchen and bathroom remodeling should be carried out by knowing and experienced hands.

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